Badges, Black Mountain Picnic and Big Surprises 


New merch y'aaaaaalllll! We splashed out and ourselves a badge maker and have gone slightly wild designing and producing a whole HOST of designs made into adorable (if we do say so ourselves) 25mm badges. We've got them available at shows with some limited edition, one off designs and ALSO we are now selling badges and our vinyl stickers from our website. Head on over to Store to peruse our range of wares!

New badges!


We attended our first ever Black Mountain Picnic this month and had a blast! With buddies Lady Valiant we headed north to Helenvale (30km south of Cooktown) to attend the weekend festival. Performing Friday night, and a set on Saturday evening we then had the pleasure of enjoying the incredible music on offer from Catfish Voodoo, Sweet Felicia, and Titian Payne and the Big Zydeco Express on Saturday night. With just a couple of highlights over the weekend being the Lunt Bros commentary on Couch Cricket and the amazing food on offer. Gimme some more of the Uber Juice please Fry. Then we skipped on down to the Lions Den on Sunday arvo for a few relaxed sets on the deck then the patented Verandah Jam late into the evening! Pretty blissful!
This weekend was a particularly happy one for us because it happened to coincide with us becoming... ahem... betrothed in a surprise move from Seamus. Pretty chuffed!

See y'all soon!

Seamus got down on one knee in front of a bin overflowing with Rubbish and popped the question.


Rusty Brown live 

Our very talented and lovely friend Elliot Davidson cut together this video of Rusty Brown as a lovely surprise for us. This was performed live at Dougies Backpackers in 2014, featuring some shots of the one and only man himself, Bruce "Rusty" Brown. Enjoy!!

We're Home! Adventures on the Emerald Isle 

We're baaaaaaaaack! In case you haven't been following our adventures on Facebook or Instagram, we have been far away across the pond in Ireland for the past month. We had an amazing time, despite the nippy northern hemisphere winter weather. We were fortunate enough to have been flown all the way over to perform at a wedding in County Wexford at the beginning of Feb and thought we may as well make a wee holiday of it! We got to see a whole lot of the country, although as some of you may remember with is not our first Irish rodeo, we were back on the Emerald Isle only last year.
We got to see a whole HEAP of the Irish country side

 We arrived in Dublin on the 17th of Jan after a hellish long haul flight (nothing happened to make it particularly hellish, but 24 hours on a plane isn't a wonderful experience let us tell you, although Seamus does actually seem to like the food...?) We spent a few days in Dublin catching up with friends, fellow musicians and drinking in the sights (and drinking in that marvellous black stuff), we sang in the streets at midnight, soaked up sunshine in the cobble lined streets, attended a political protest and visited the graves of some of our personal heroes, Writer Brendan Behan and musician Luke Kelly of The Dubliners. Then we trundled down to the station and got a bus out to Trim in Co Meath to spend some time with our friend and fellow muso Danny.

Fantastic view of the O'Connell St Spire  in Dublin from our hostel

We were on to Cork city next in the south, which a fabulous city teeming with great music and great food and the thickest of Irish brogues... Needless to say we could barely understand a word. We caught a traditional Irish music session at Sin E, explored forts, and sampled local delights in the old English Market and of course had a few pints of Beamish which is Co. Cork's locally made stout (trust us you will always get flack in Cork if you order a Guinness over a Beamish. As they say, when in Ireland, drink as the locals drink).

 Then we were on to Kinsale, a tiny town on the coast, to treat ourselves to a few nights in a proper bed (not sure at what age it becomes inappropriate to stay in hostels, but I feel like we're not far off) Kinsale is a foodie haven and here The Great Kroovs Irish Oyster Adventure of 2017 really began with a dozen salty molluscs by a roaring fire. Which is pretty much our idea of HEAVEN. After a few days of pampering and defrosting in the steam room of the spa we headed back up to Cork.

McDonalds Hotel and Spa in Kinsale overlooking the inlet. Oooh fancy!

Next stop was Killarney in County Kerry for a few days. We sampled some fantastic Irish whiskeys, and then sampled some more. We shook off the whisky hangover with a brisk walk (in the sunshine?!) around Killarney National Park which circles a huge loch and has miles of walking tracks. We packed it in after a few hours and decided to be sensible and head back to the pub. We were back in Cork another couple of days before heading on to Waterford for two nights, where we visited one of our favourite pubs, An Uisce Beatha (there seems to be a pattern emerging here? But what else is one to do when its 3 degrees and raining outside). An Uisce Beatha means Water of Life in Gaelic, and is pronounced "Ishka Baha". I think. Kinda. Ish.

Dont get us started on trying to pronounce things in Gaelic, its pretty much impossible. I'm fairly sure the language was invented one night by a drunk guy down the pub. Or more likely its the greatest joke the Irish ever told, and they've just been messing with the rest of us for hundreds of years, and laughing at our terrible attempts to understand it. In seriousness,  it is actually a very beautiful language and we are lucky enough to have a few friends who speak is as a first language, its quite remarkable, and wonderful to listen to.

From Waterford we went on to Wexford and it was time to get our game face on! The wedding! We were excited and a little nervous to be performing our stuff for an Irish audience but thankfully the evening went of without a hitch! We had a fantastic time and made lots of new friends and got some great feedback. PHEW! We spent the next evening at a tiny pub at a crossroads with all the wedding guests having a fantastic time, enjoying the craic. We got up and played a few tunes throughout the evening, listening to some amazing young talent and Rabbit got up again MUCH later in the evening with a local muso and smashed out some AC/DC on fiddle... Rock n' Roll.

James Boags and Sunshine and AC/DC!? Where the heck are we?!

We bussed it back up to Dublin to meet up with our great friends Liam and Roisin for the last 10 days of our trip. One more night in Dublin, some fabulous food, many pints, some heated games of Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit and a couple of cocktails and we fell in to bed. We were up bright and early the next morning to head west to Galway. We were on a pilgrimage. A seafood pilgrimage. And the first port of call is the famous Morans Oyster Cottage near Kilcolgan, Co. Galway. Moran's has been visited by just about every oyster loving celeb who has ever visited Ireland, and there is a TWO YEAR waiting list for a table during the annual Galway Oyster Festival... Thankfully we were there on a weekday in winter so they allowed the likes of us scruffy bunch in. We ordered Chowder and Oysters and got to try our first ever native Irish oyster, found only in Galway Bay... It was unbelievably delicious... Particularly when paired with Guinness. If you don't like seafood then just switch off now, sorry folks! We were just getting started!

Guinness in the sunshine at Moran's in Co Galway

After lunch we made for Galway city for the night. We had McDonoghs famous fish and chips for dinner and then wandered up to Rabbits favourite Galway pub, The Crane, for the nightly traditional Irish music session. The next morning we were on to Donegal in the north west of Ireland for more, yep you guessed it, oysters....

And Guinesss.... Donegal oysters are also very well known, it would have been rude not to really. We hit another trad session in Donegal for the evening. Taking along her fiddle Rabbit sat amongst the locals and played a few tunes, and Smoose got up and sang a couple of songs, it was a fantastic evening and we met some lovely people! The next morning we crossed the country into Northern Ireland, collected another mate at the airport in Belfast and spend a few days in Ballymena catching up with some friends. After a night out in Belfast for some fabulous food and cocktails we headed down to Cushendall for two nights on the northern Irish coast, explored the spectacular Giants Causeway, played innumerable games of Trivial Pursuit and drank red wine be the open fire.

The Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland

Now THAT IS LIVING! With only a few days left on our trip we headed back south to Carlingford for the last batch of Oysters and tunes. Neither disappointed! The next morning we made our way back to Dublin Airport to wait for our flight home. After discarding our winter clothes we boarded and headed home via Dubai and Sydney.

We had an amazing time on our trip and enjoyed everything Ireland has to offer, craic, Guinness, whiskey, music and the friendliest people. It's great to be back in north QLD in the warmth and we're looking forward to a huge year! We have loads on the horizon, all will be revealed in due time ; ) in the meantime keep an eye on our Facebook, we've got loads of gigs booked. See you there Rock and Rollers!

x Rabbit and Smoose


Port Douglas Radio, Christmas, Awards, Adventures... 

Holy Macaroni, December is here.
Answer me this, where in sweet baby jesus' name did the year go?! 

We, as usual have been busy bees! We're nearing the end of the year, but theres loads going on, and we have a ton of gigs before we close out 2016.
Performing at the 2016 Douglas Business and Tourism Awards at The Sheraton Mirage... All dressed up.
We are delighted to announce we won Best Local Live Entertainers in this years Douglas Business Awards! We would love to thank every one for voting for us (and of course to rocking up to our gigs time and time again!), it was an honour to take out the award. After performing at the opening of the ceremony, we had a ball with our friends from Paddy's Irish Bar and Grill who took out Best Live Entertainment Venue for the second year running.

To Stace's two brothers who were also finalists, as she said in my, ahem, acceptance speech, IN YOUR FACE! SUCK IT! AHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Nah we love ya fellas, great work! Its great to have been nominated amongst friends, family and great local talent! It really is a great thing for the local area and businesses to have an opportunity to showcase so much hard work and be duly recognised. Well done to all the winners.

Yeeeeowww. Seamus dressed by Mensland Mossman.


The next phase in the Kroovs quest for total global domination is complete...  Watch out Rupert Murdoch. We're coming for you... Slowly.
We officially started at Radio Port Douglas this week! We are doing the midday shows Monday to Friday (from 11am-1pm) and the behind the scenes techie stuff while Dale, the usual producer and presenter, is away on Long Service Leave. We started this week and have had a fantastic time so far! Smoose will be doing the monday show, Rabbit is on Tuesdays with Folk and Blues, Wednesdays with new music, Thursday we will be doing our long running evening show RockRadio together at the new time slot of 11am, and Fridays is 90s day with Smoose.

If you love local radio you can give us a listen, hurl abuse, call in, yell at the wireless or whatever you like! Its on 90.9fm or 107.1 locally or you can stream the station for free here. Huge thanks to Michael and Helen, station owners for giving us the opportunity to present music, its truly as passion of ours, and another way to immerse ourselves in what we LOVE to do! (Dont worry, it wont be a non stop Kroovs station... Promise.)

Furious Air Drumming in the Radio Port Douglas studio

We have a load of gigs coming up in December, so check over on our gigs page and come say G'day. As we may have mentioned we are heading back across the pond to Ireland in January for a month to perform, drink Guinness and experience the powerful craic the Emerald Isle is famous (notorious?) for. We will let you know more about what we're going to be getting up to when we have all the plans finalised!

In the meantime, stay cool!! Dont forget, dogs die in hot cars, and have merry bloody Christmas!! 

x S&S

Festival Season 2016! 

What a rockin few weeks! We have been busier than a one legged man in an arse kicking contest! Festival season in the far north has just wrapped up and we would be lying if we didn't say a slight ennui has fallen over Kroovs HQ.

We recently trucked on up to the Wallaby Creek Festival where we were lucky enough to perform in one of the most beautiful festival spaces we've ever seen. With gorgeous swimming holes, a water fall, great friends and brilliant music, it was a weekend to remember for us. We had a great chance to meet other musicians from far and wide in Australia, including Malcura from Melbourne, and The Mouldy Lovers from Brisbane. Not to mention we got to see the Doggies win a grand final!!!
We want to thank Sandy and the entire crew for having us, and putting on such a special event, Wallaby Creek is a huge highlight of our calendar.

Sunday set at Wallaby Creek Festival

The following week we hosted a House Concert in our wee backyard with Nigel Wearne, live music under the canopy of the bush, with frogs singing harmony, what an evening! We had a great response from locals, with 40 people in attendance in what was the first event of this type that we have hosted. We got such great feedback we are looking forward to hosting another House Concert, so thanks to Nige for performing his hauntingly beautiful original music for us, it was a real treat! We will be on the look out for more touring artists we can host, stay tuned! This may be the start of a Port Douglas music revolution!
NIgel Wearne performing at our House Concert
We no sooner hosted the house concert than shared a gig with our good mate, Tim Woodz, at Paddys. Tim was up from Melbourne for Wallaby Creek and is a Port Douglas fav, as all of the Possum Song dancers illustrated a few weeks ago. We also had Tim do a secret late night live performance on Radio Port Douglas which will be airing over the coming weeks on RockRadio. Rock and Roll!

To round out an action packed month we just returned from performing at the Tablelands Folk Festival, an oasis of spectacular music in the tablelands of Far North Queensland. We performed three sets and sold out of the first run of our CD's so we are chuffed. We've got more on the way and are planning the next album (but thats a chat for another time)

Set at Obi's Garden Vibe stage, Yungaburra Folk Festival
Mick Jagger chooks at our accommodation. Fluffy and fabulous.
Fluffy and fabulous. The Mick Jaggers of the chook world, at our accommodation
Set in the Ballroom of the Yungaburra Pub. Sorry for potato quality image.
Set in the Ballroom at The Yungaburra Pub, Tablelands Folk Festival. Apologies for the potato quality photo.

We've come back from the festival feeling inspired and ready to create after seeing the plethora of talented musicians, including The Rosie Burgess Trio, Tullara, Ayleen O'Hanlon, Sian Evans, Cat Canteri and The Elliotts, all of whom we are stoked to call new friends. A late night jam on Sunday out in the park with these incredible performers was the perfect cap to the weekend. We can't wait to see them again on the tour trail! Check out the links to hear some of their music. Props and thanks to Bronwyn and the entire Tablelands Folk Festival crew for their tireless hard work in putting on an event of such a high standard. And thanks to all that came to our sets and bought CDs, ya bunch of legends!

Well just when you thought the fun is over.... IT AIN'T! We're heading back to the Lions Den, 30km south of Cooktown, for a two day Melbourne Cup day event, performing Monday 31-Tuesday 1st with our mates and musical family, Lady Valiant and Shannon Hunter & Katie Jay. Its going to be a great few days away, as the den always is! If you're in hospo, its a good opportunity to get away (we know a lot of you have Mondays and Tuesdays off), theres a pristine river for swimming and lush camp grounds. Get involved!

Thats about it from us for the moment. We're keen to get into some writing after an inspiring month of music, so stay tuned for some new stuff!


Hells yeah, Lions Den!

Kroovy life back in Oz, heavy metal and tour rumblings! 

Good Afternoon dear readers! It's been months since we last spoke and a lot has happened in that time! This month marks a year since we jetted off to the other side of the planet to tour around England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Italy, Spain and Belgium and it feels like it was only yesterday (wish it was tomorrow!). The 7 months that have past since we returned have just flown by, where has the year gone? Well a few things have happened for us....

We have moved into a new house this year that has a lot of space and a really nice feel so this year has been a little less stressful and feels a lot more productive. There is a new album in sight, we hope to have it out by April and we are putting our young housemate through the gruelling task of learning the bass guitar so we may have a guest bass player from time to time next year as well! 

Stacey has taken to plugging her fiddle into a giant guitar amplifier and playing heavy metal inspired licks and solos (watch this space) and I have been working on a device that allows me to attach my kick drum to my back and play the bugle hands-free for all those bottom end beats and haunting trumpet calls that crawl in to your brain like a military earworm. (Just kidding.... about the bugle and back drum..... the heavy metal is happening!) So much has happened but the last month was really special, we have been to a white wedding on a boat, played a triple band bill at The Lions Den Hotel and played at Rock The Yacht right here in Port Douglas! If you haven't been up north this year, you gotta book some tickets for next year, it's going to be even bigger and better! 

As you may know already, we mostly play in Port Douglas and it has some really great benefits, one of which is the transient audience base that we encounter. During the dry/high season, with it's utopian weather, we see familiar faces back for their yearly supply of sunshine and tranquillity and it's always so nice to catch up and have a chat. Another benefit is that with this broad geographical cross section of new and old friends, we have an endless supply of venue suggestions, should we decide to tour Australia. Now, I have my trusty iphone notepad which I am using to collate a list of pubs, clubs and libraries that we will visit when we get on the road SOOOOOOOOOOOOO We are pleased to announce that we will be touring the east coast of Australia from late November 2017 to around late February 2018! 

So it's that time of the year again, the downhill run into Wallaby Creek Music Festival which starts at the end of the month. We will be heading up to Homerule (just south of Cooktown) for a week of camping and relaxing and 3 days of the best festival that the Far North has to offer! And this year we are ON THE BILL! That's right folks, this is the first music festival that The Kroovs have been booked for and we are SO EXCITED! Of course, we have attended Wallaby Creek Music Festival before so we can say with authority that it is an absolute blast and not to be missed! You can buy tickets online or at the gate, it really is not to be missed! We would love to see you there!



North East England, Winter Walks and Tune Recording 

Happy New Year, Merry Christmas and our sincerest apologies for our tardiness! It has been four incredible months since we left Australia and we haven't managed a single blog post. Shocking! Bad Kroovs! Truth be told we have been having far too much fun living, travelling, meeting new friends, jamming, eating, drinking and being general scallywags to find time to chain ourselves to a computer. 

Over the Pyrenees from France to Spain

But we're here now and we hope you forgive us. We are closing into the last month of our overseas trip and will be returning to stinkin' hot Far North Queensland in late February (please have the aircon on) and are busily planning for the year ahead with loads of gigs booked in for 2016 (check our gig page for details).

We are in County Durham, North East England in a spectacular little hamlet known as Hamsterley Mill. We have been staying with a great friend of ours in a 250 year old mill by a stream in the woods, we've had worse! There is permanent frost on the ground here, occasional snow, the trees are bare and the days are short, but with the fire going and peace, quiet and space to be creative we are feeling inspired by our adventure and have been writing and playing with renewed vigour. (because it keeps the fingers warm)

The tiny village of Penne in the south of France

We have so many stories to tell and will get to them all in due course, but for today we wanted to share a tune we have recorded as part of a new set we've arranged called Glasgow Kiss.

We have been inspired by the eerie wintry forest, the ancient trees and the looming stone viaduct that skulks through the woods. We think The Kiss (you may recognise it from The Last Of The Mohicans) reflects this sentiment. Its certainly not the usual Kroovs style but we hope you like it.

Plus it's given us a chance to play around with home recording and mixing on Cubase, and some video editing, which has been a bit of fun! 

We hope you enjoy it! See you in February. x Seamus and Stace

Live Album Adventures! 

Well we're nearly there! We have been busily mixing tracks and designing artwork and we are hoping to have everything ready to send off by the end of the week. Most exciting stuff! We have been delighted with the content we recorded at Dougies and are currently selecting which songs we will feature on the CD.

Mixing, mixing, mixing

We would like to thank everyone who has helped us to get to this point, we really couldn't have done it without you. Dave Cooke for recording and tireless mixing all of the content (I'm sure you're sick to death of us now!), Clarry for the generous loan of some great equipment, Elliot Davidson for video recording the night, Newsport for their generous promotion and sponsorship (you guys rock!) and of course all of lovely people who frequent our gigs for all the great energy and atmosphere you provide. We have spent a few days over the last two weeks in Kuranda mixing with Dave Cooke at his lovely bush home. It's been a truly lovely experience!

What a wonderful place to spend a few days!


We are hoping to have our shipment of CDs in the next three weeks and will be organising a launch gig in Port Douglas and in Cairns when we have them in our hot little hands, so stay tuned. Cheers!


Dave Cooke reaching for a well earned beer.


Live Recording 

We are very excited to announce that we are doing our first ever LIVE RECORDING!!

Thursday 7th May from 7:30pm-10:30 at Dougies Backpackers in Port Douglas.

We would like to invite you all to join us in our live recording. We are looking for a great crowd to provide some (enthusiastic!) ambient sound to accompany the recording, so you may find yourself featured on our upcoming album release. We have also arranged the evening to be filmed, so you might also see your mug on a film clip in the near future. Just be your radical selves and I'm sure we will have a fabulous night!

Drinks at (VERY reasonable) bar prices.

Hope to see you there!
x Stacey and Seamus, AKA The Kroovs

Originals, Awards And Adventures 

We can't believe how fast 2014 is drawing to a close! November has been a very busy month for us, Christmas is upon us and there seems to be no slowing down in sight!

We are very excited to announce that we finished and debuted our very first original song this month. We collaborated together to write Rusty Brown, a rollicking folk song about Rabbit's dad who spent his youth as a brumby catcher. We will be recording Rusty Brown on our upcoming live album, which will be available early in the New Year. We are also working on some more originals that we can't wait to bring to you!

The Kroovs have been named finalists in the Best Live Entertainment category of the Douglas Business Awards. We are so delighted to have been included with a host of very talented local muso's. We never thought that only 6 months after forming The Kroovs we would be named finalists in these awards!

*THIS JUST IN!* Congratulations to Timber and Wood who took out the award last night! Well deserved award to the hardest working band in Port Douglas.

Balcony TV
On the 28th of December we will be doing a live recording in Cairns with Balcony TV, which is a leading daily online viral music show that features band and musician performances on balconies around the world. Previous Balcony TV performers include Mumford And Sons, Matt Corby and The Script, some pretty impressive alumni there, and we can't wait to be a part of it.

We will be recording Rusty Brown live at The Jack Hotel upstairs and will be following the recording up with a 50 minute set as a part of the BTV Live Show at The Jack. Other performing artists at the event include our very good mates Timber And Wood, King Pig and In The Element.

The BTV Live Show is from 3-6pm, The Jack Hotel, Cnr Spence & Sheridan Street. See you all there!

New Years Eve - Cape Tribulation
This year we will be ringing in the New Year at PK's Jungle Village in Cape Tribulation as part of a two stage spectacular with Timber And Wood. Setting up on two separate stages and going set for set from 3pm until midnight, we think this NYE is going to be particularly radical!

PK's will be doing drink specials and are offering an accommodation deal, if you pay for one night, you can get a second night's accommodation for half price.

We have created an event on Facebook so if you are keen to get on the good foot and party in the jungle with us share it around with your friends

2015 and BEYOND!
We are busy into planning 2015 and its looking like a ripper year. We are currently applying for a bunch of festivals throughout QLD and look forward to getting out and about and meeting new people and seeing some of the great music on offer in Australia.

We are also booking a lot of local gigs for next year. We will be performing at McGinty's on Friday nights on a regular basis, so if you are a cairns local we urge you to go check out McGinty's, its a brilliantly authentic Irish pub (Kilkenny on tap and all!) and we love to play there.

With the great possibility of having RELIABLE wheels, touring may also be an option for us in the next 12 months. For those who have seen our rig (or more likely heard it come squeaking and rattling down the street) you can understand how we haven't wanted to take her long distances. It might just be time for her to be put out to pasture.

$500 Car?!? That is some fancy musicians right there!

With the news of the new Pirates Of The Caribbean flick being filmed in town we are looking forward to the business that will be drummed up in the otherwise quiet months, and are hoping to snag extra rolls, if only Rabbit can work on her beard by then!

We want to wish every one a happy Christmas, and to thank everybody who has ever come to one of our gigs, tipped us, applauded us, tolerated us or put 20c in our case when we have been busking. We have had an amazing year and would not have been able to do it without the support of the peeps, so thank you!

See you all around the traps!

Previous events

Date Event Location
The Cooktown RSL The Cooktown Memorial RSL, Cooktown The Cooktown Memorial RSL, Cooktown
The Cooktown RSL Cooktown RSL, Cooktown QLD 4895 Cooktown RSL, Cooktown QLD 4895
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The Central Hotel The Central Hotel, Port Douglas The Central Hotel, Port Douglas
The Salthouse The Salthouse, Cairns City QLD 4870 The Salthouse, Cairns City QLD 4870
The Courthouse Hotel The Courthouse Hotel, Port Douglas The Courthouse Hotel, Port Douglas
The Salthouse The Salthouse, Cairns City QLD 4870 The Salthouse, Cairns City QLD 4870
Paddy's Irish Pub Paddy's Irish Pub, Port Douglas Paddy's Irish Pub, Port Douglas
BAR36 at the Reef Casino BAR36, Cairns BAR36, Cairns
BAR36 at the Reef Casino BAR36, Cairns BAR36, Cairns
Paddy's Irish Pub Paddy's Irish Pub, Port Douglas Paddy's Irish Pub, Port Douglas
The Courthouse Hotel The Courthouse Hotel, Port Douglas The Courthouse Hotel, Port Douglas
BAR36 at the Reef Casino BAR36, Cairns BAR36, Cairns
Sunday Session at Paddy's Paddy's Irish Pub, Port Douglas Paddy's Irish Pub, Port Douglas
The Central Hotel The Central Hotel, Port Douglas The Central Hotel, Port Douglas
The Central Hotel The Central Hotel, Port Douglas The Central Hotel, Port Douglas
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